System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
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Beta Testing

Version: 7.5.1 Beta
Release date: November 19, 2021

Download beta version

Portable packages: 32-bit version, 64-bit version

Beta version is not fully tested and can contain bugs. If you found any bug please contact us. But we are working hard to make beta versions as stable as possible. In beta version you will find many new features that come with next release of True Launch Bar.

IMPORTANT: Please make the toolbars backup before installing the beta version. This will help you to restore your toolbar if something will go incorrect.

New features in the beta version:

HiDPI Monitors Support

This beta version has improved support for HiDPI Monitors. Generally True Launch Bar scale toolbar’s/menu’s elements automatically. If you already change the TLB Settings for the HiDPI Monitor you should know some rules TLB uses for scaling:

  • To scale TLB elements you should turn on the option TLB Settings->General->Apply DPI scale factor
  • All sizes in TLB Settings are scaled. This means if you are using x2 scale the icon size 48 will be scaled up to 96 pixels. This works for every size. For example maximum menu width 300 (by default) will be scaled up to 600 pixels. Fonts are scaled as well as other sizes
  • Plugins are scaled automatically if the plugin doesn’t support HiDPI scaling. But it is possible to turn off scaling for every plugin: right-click plugin and turn off/on Appearance->Auto-Scale option

Plugins will be updated for HiDPI support shortly.

Improved Auto-Sensing

Before this beta version the toolbar options were applied to the toolbar in all auto-sensing toolbars. Now the following options are applied for current workspace only:

  • Show Text (View submenu; shows text for toolbar buttons)
  • Text to right (View submenu; force text to be shown at the right side of icon)
  • Same width for all buttons with text (View submenu; makes the button width the same for all buttons with the text)
This gives you more freedom to customize your workspaces.

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