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True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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News Reader
version 4.9
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News Reader is the simple RSS Aggregator for True Launch Bar. This plugin show topics from news feeds as menus. You can add any number of channels. Supported formats: RSS, RDF, Atom.


You can mark one topic as read if click the topic icon. To mark as read all topics click the channel icon. To open link in background hold down the CTRL keyboard key. This works with interactive tips also.

Download «News Reader»

download 32 and 64-bit version

Updates history

.:: version 4.9 ::. November 07 2016
  • Updated the downloading engine (libcurl)
  • Fixed proxy settings for tips images
  • Added multithreaded downloading for tips images
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
.:: version 4.8 ::. September 16 2014
  • Added support for interactive tips (TLB v6.6.8 and newer).
.:: version 4.7 ::. July 14 2014
  • "Pause marker" for main button can be changed.
  • "Loading marker" for main button can be changed.
  • Added "Open url command" into plugin and channel properties. Now you can open news with custom browsers or modes. 
  • Prepared for portable usage.
.:: version 4.6 ::. October 25 2013
  • Update for compatibility with TLB version 6.5.4
.:: version 4.5 ::. August 28 2013
  • Improved performance for news with many images.
  • Added the images scale to fit in the tooltips width.
.:: version 4.4 ::. July 16 2013
  • Now it is possible to group the channels into categories (set the Category in the properties)
  • Added support of improved HTML tooltips (required TLB version 6.5.2 or newer)
.:: version 4.3 ::. August 29 2012
  • Fixed: crash after adding the RSS channel with the empty name.
.:: version 4.2 ::. January 17 2012
  • Added: Word wrap support (for TLB v5.6.3 and newer)
  • Added: Correct order type for submenus (for TLB v5.6.3 and newer)
  • Some minor changes
.:: version 4.1 ::. March 29 2011
  • Fixed: Invisible the checking updates mark on the main plugin icon
.:: version 4.0 ::. March 27 2011
  • Updated the User Agent HTTP request field: removed word curl because some sites block user agents with curl
  • Added the checking updates mark on the main plugin icon

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