System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
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True Launch Bar v7.5 is released (March 10, 2019).

Today we announce the bugs fix update for True Launch Bar. This version also contains some new features.

New features in True Launch Bar v7.5:

Drag&Drop improvements

This version impoves drag&drop operations for menus and toolbar with auto-hide option. Now it is possible to drag&drop shortcuts and file to docked menus with auto-hide tags. Just drag file over menu tag. This opens menu and you can drop shortcut to the opened menu. The same feature is released for toolbar tags.

Open file location as default option for middle click

TLB Settings->Options->General dialog has "Open file location on middle click" option now. It is on by default. Middle (mouse wheel) click worked as left click in old versions. Now it can be more useful with new option. If you middle click a shortcut, the folder with shortcut target will be opened. If you middle click a regular file, you'll get explorer window with file location.

Selecting parts order for 3-state image

As you know you can set the 3-state image for any button. Image is devided into 3 parts for 3 states: normal, pressed and highlight. Now you can select the order of state parts between:
  • normal, pressed, highlight
  • normal, highlight, pressed

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