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True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Address Book
version 4.2
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Programs setup

About Address Book

Address Book plugin show your contacts as menu. You can create new contact using hotkey, group contacts in sub menus and change the appearance of records. Plugin uses HTML as template for records in the menu.


Currently Address Book supports importing from VCF (VCard) files.


You can use almost all basic HTML tags. To add fields into use {fieldname}.
Here is the list of supported fields:

Field Name
Home Address Fields
home_address First line of address
home_address2 Second line of address
home_city City
home_zip ZIP or Postal code
home_state State
home_country Country
Home Address Fields
work_address First line of address
work_address2 Second line of address
work_city City
work_zip ZIP or Postal code
work_state State
work_country Country
work_title Job title
work_department Department
work_organization Organization
firstname First name
lastname Last name
displayname Display name
nickname Nick name
phone1 - phone7 Phones numbers
phonetype1 - phonetype7 Type of phone. This value can be used only with label modifier
Other fields
notes Notes about record. Any text. Depend of template can support HTML tags
category The category of the record
url Home page
email E-mail
im IM address


To add a label of field you can add modifier of filed named label:


To add phone type text use {label:phonetype#}. Address book supports PNG images. To add image write {img:imageID}. Where imageID can be one of these values:

These are default images. If you want to add own images, copy them into sub folder images under Address Book installation folder and write {img:filename.png} in template. Also you can write {img:phonetype#} to add valid icon for phone.

Download «Address Book»

download 32 and 64-bit version

Updates history

.:: version 4.2 ::. November 20 2021
  • Added HiDPI Monitors support
.:: version 4.1 ::. May 02 2015
  • Using litehtml as HTML redering engine.
  • Added search contacts support.
  • Added skins support based on HTML templates.
  • Added interactive tips support.
  • Redesigned popup tips text.
  • The saved templates are shared between different plugins.
  • Added new fields into "Websites" section: facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.
  • Many other minor improvements and changes.
.:: version 3.0 ::. February 24 2011
  • Fixed crash on import some VCF files
  • Improved performance with large number of the contacts
  • Auto-fill the missing display name on import
  • Some minor changes
.:: version 2.0 ::. November 26 2010
  • Added: menu transparency support
  • Added: Improved vCard files import
  • Added: Preview contacts before import
  • Added: Many contact fields (Middle name, Some specific IMs, additional websites)
  • Added: Contact photo cropping
  • Added: You can select some categories for one contact (coma separated)
  • Added: Now you can click the urls and emails
  • Added: Now you can define the programs to open phones, im etc. in the external applications
  • Improved template redering
  • Fixed: Crash on toolbar close when contact dialog box is opened
  • Some other minor changes
.:: version 1.1 ::. December 16 2006
  • Added the Windows Vista support
  • Improved contact picture support
  • Some minor changes
.:: version 1.0 ::. June 15 2006
  • Added photo field
  • Improved templates editor
  • Some predefined templates added
  • Added phone notes
  • Some minor changes

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