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True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Drive Space
version 5.2
Pie Chart
Pie Chart
Bar Chart
Bar Chart
Aero skin
Aero skin

Drive Space plugin allows you to control the space of your hard drives. You can customize plugin to hide some of drives, change the colors and alert when space is not enough. Drive Space plugin supports two type of chart: Pie and Row. You can set the alarm size for every drive individually. If you plug or unplug any drive this plugin add or remove it from toolbar. If you want to open any drive just click on it.
Drive Space monitor fixed drives automatically. If you want to monitor any other drive add it into the drives list.


Since version 4.0 Drive Space support the skins. Click here to read the skins specifications.

Download «Drive Space»

download 32 and 64-bit version

Updates history

.:: version 5.2 ::. April 26 2011
  • Fixed: auto-hide plugin is not working on some systems
  • Fixed: invalid text font when using non standard Windows Visual Styles
.:: version 5.1 ::. April 06 2011
  • Added the option to hide plugin if there are no drives to show
  • Removed extra margins around the Drive Space button
.:: version 5.0 ::. February 06 2011
  • Added: Auto-arrange drives
  • Added:¬†Option to show the USB drives by default
  • Added:¬†Option to show the selected drives only
  • Added: Hold downl CTRL key and click the drive to eject the USB drive or CD/DVD
  • Added: Show the drive hardware name and the bus type
  • Fixed: Incorrect tips position
  • Fixed: Error dialog box on monitoring the CD/DVD drives
  • Fixed: Click on drives don't open the folder sometimes
  • Some minor changes
.:: version 4.2 ::. March 09 2009
  • Fixed: Show free space option is ignored
.:: version 4.0 ::. February 16 2009
  • Added skins support
  • Fixed the font size on default skin
  • Some minor improvements
.:: version 3.0 ::. December 01 2008
  • Added disk write/read indicators
  • Improved Windows Vista support
  • Layout can be by rows or by columns
  • Support of new localization system

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