System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Volume Control
version 5.2
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Skin selection
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Volume Control allow you to control sound volume on your sound card. It can replace standard volume control in most cases. Also you can mute any sound control. Volume Control can change the volume for the hardware controls, like Microphone Boost, Bass and many other controls supported by audio drivers. 

Right-click the Volume Control plugin to change the default playback or recording device (for Windows Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8.x).

Volume Control supports skins.

Download «Volume Control»

download 32 and 64-bit version

Updates history

.:: version 5.2 ::. December 08 2019
  • Added "Flip mouse wheel direction" option
.:: version 5.1 ::. December 29 2013
  • Fixed crash after selecting the default device on some Windows 7 systems
.:: version 5.0 ::. December 29 2013
  • Added volume up/down step option for controls
  • Added minimum and maximum values for controls
  • Right-click Volume Control plugin to select the default playback or recording device
  • Some minor improvements
.:: version 4.1.1 beta ::. November 01 2012
  • Added support for audio driver's controls
  • Updated skin engine
.:: version 4.1 ::. September 23 2012
  • Fixed possible crash on Windows 7 systems.
.:: version 4.0 ::. April 21 2012
  • Added support for peak meters.
  • Added support for single channel controlling (Windows Vista/7/8 only).
  • Now you can to rearrange the controls.
  • Support for hotkeys to control the volume and/or mute device.
  • Now you can select the sound to play when you change the volume.
  • New skins format.

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