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True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
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True Lauanch Bar is FREE

My name is Yuri Kobets. More than 20 years ago I created the True Launch Bar. True Launch Bar worked on Windows 95 and now it works on Windows 11. All these time thousands of people helped me develop the best launcher in the world by reporting bugs, by wonderful suggestions of new features and by purchasing licenses. I want to say thank you to all people who support True Launch Bar.

Now it’s time to make True Launch Bar free, and I want to explain why True Launch Bar is free now.

Why True Lunch Bar becomes free

True Launch Bar's popularity fell extremely last time. New Windows versions become more comfortable, and the start menu is not so ugly like in Windows XP. Also I understand that True Launch Bar became a tool for advanced PC users. Too many features, and it is difficult to understand most features. The number of customers has decreased and I can’t invest full time into the True Launch Bar development.

The second cause: Unfortunately I’m living in Russia and the government of my country unleashed a war with Ukraine. As a logical result Russia is under sanctions now. And it is almost impossible to receive money from outside of Russia. I believe Ukraine will win this war soon and will return the annexed by Russia territories. But Russia will remain an international outcast for a long time.

Future of True Launch Bar

I’ll continue development of True Launch Bar but not so active. I will try to fix bugs shortly and maybe will add some new features. Also I consider the ability to open True Launch Br sources.

If you still want to support True Launch Bar with money,  you can donate any value in bitcoins.


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