System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
Developed by TORDEX - Software For You

Updates history RCA November 16 2001
What's new:
  • Support of native Windows XP skins
  • Updated skin specification
  • Added skin for menu caption
  • Large icons in menus
  • Support 24x24 and 48x48 icons
  • Incompatibility with Window Blinds
  • Duplicating items with Background Folder Load option on.
  • Some minor bug fixed beta October 22 2001
What's new:
  • Now TLB can load folder contents and icons in background (without locking task bar)
  • Updated context menu
  • Refreshing of single folder
  • Added *.icl file type into Browse Icons dialog
  • Added sort by Name, Type, Size in the Virtual Folders
  • Added Activate Button into Toolbars Dialog
  • Added option "Do not show toolbar title"
  • Fixed 32bit colors icon draw in Windows XP
  • Cannot change icon from files with single icon inside (Windows XP)
  • Create Shortcut inserts new button into the end of toolbar/menu
  • Some minor bug fixed beta October 04 2001
What's new:
  • TLB now allow drag buttons using right button
  • Added support of Windows XP visual styles for all dialog boxes
  • Lose Related Links and Icons after moving button to other folder
  • Explorer.exe crashes after changing Icon in the Virtual Folders and restart
  • Lose Related Links in the Virtual Folders after restart beta October 03 2001
What's new:
  • System Info tab
  • You can add Related Links to every button and access them using context menu
  • Adding titles (separator with text) to the menu
  • Changing Icons in Virtual Folders
  • Protecting buttons by password (Run, Hide/Un hide, Delete...)
  • Run With now works inside Virtual Folders
  • Now you can lock/unlock buttons in single folder (menu)
  • Layout does not saved for folder with long names (more than 32 chars)
  • Drag&Drop operation can insert duplicated buttons
  • Memory leaks in the Settings Dialog
  • Drag&Drop insertion marker draw white lines on panel
  • Closing menu by clicking on empty space of TLB cause explorer.exe crash.
  • Possible CPU 100% loading
  • Some other minor changed beta September 09 2001
  • Toolbar layout does not saved after Windows restart
  • Drag&Drop does not start if you try to drag opened menu button
  • Explorer.exe crashes while undocking toolbar
  • Icons for some files does not shows correctly
  • Drag&Drop does not start if you try to drag button out off toolbar window
  • Cannot drop shortcuts from TLB into other toolbar or Start menu. beta September 05 2001
  • New -> Shortcut cause an error creating shortcut and rename the destination folder
  • Insertion marker does not disappear when canceling drag&drop
  • True Launch Bar does not remember last used shortcut folder
  • Cannot change icon for top level Virtual Folders
  • The run-on-mouse-hover blocking key changed to SHIFT to prevent the copy buttons while drag&drop beta September 03 2001
What's new:
  • Press CTRL to block run-on-mouse-hover feature
  • Colored text in menus
  • Hide/Unhide buttons in Virtual Folders
  • Fast switching between predefined toolbars
  • Improved changes tracking in Virtual Folders
  • Show number of items in the menu caption
  • "Do not cut off captions" feature
  • Opportunity to align menu caption to the top side
  • Improved tooltips on Virtual Folders (now we use standard tooltips from shell)
  • Running from Virtual Folders will not set the working folder correctly
  • The settings lost when change toolbar folder
  • Some minor bugs beta August 08 2001
What's new:
  • "Show Text" feature
  • Pause in EMail Notify
  • Run on mouse hover (run shortcuts without click)
  • Added menu item in the Right button drag menu for creating Virtual Folder
  • Now you can change basic folder for True Launch Bar
  • Incorrect menu position in vertical toolbar
  • "CPU stress" on load True Launch Bar
  • Some minor bugs beta July 30 2001
What's new:
  • Added support for dragging URL from IE to toolbar
  • Now you can drag files from Virtual Folders
  • Added manual reorder of the items in Virtual Folders
  • Virtual Folders now support separators
  • The submenus use system hover time to open
  • The caption of the first level menus are shifting to the right
  • The caption in virtual folders now visible
  • Added menu scrolling while drag&drop
  • Added support for virtual folders with huge number of files
  • Tool tips in Virtual Folders show type and size of the file.
  • Resource leak while draw separators
  • Black bitmap in the skinned toolbar
  • Incorrect background of toolbar in the second row of taskbar (Windows XP)
  • Some minor bugs beta July 05 2001
What's new:
  • Skins support added
  • Windows XP crashes when turn on True Launch Bar
  • Icon library menu shows after selecting the file in the Change Icon dialog box
  • Some minor bugs.

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