System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
Developed by TORDEX - Software For You

Updates history

1.2 beta April 10 2002
What's new:
  • Recent button (Same as Number of programs on Start Menu in Windows XP)
  • Last run time can be shown in tool tips
  • Improved performance of Virtual Folders
  • Improved Drag&Drop support. Now TLB must recognize all possible shell's Drag&Drop formats.
  • Added Add To Related menu item to drag menu (when dragging using right button)
  • Improved separators (Run All In Group and Collapse/Expand Group)
  • Custom colors in menus
  • Custom icon sizes
  • Plug in buttons incorrect draw under Windows XP
  • Click on tool tip can close menu without running the program
  • Transparent option can hide toolbar/menu
  • Moving buttons can lock task bar
  • Some minor bugs beta March 01 2002
What's new:
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Using hot keys to open menus
  • Using hot keys for the non shortcuts buttons
  • Metrics tab in TLB Settings dialog
  • Toolbar transparency
  • Turning off the floating toolbar caption
  • Incorrect menu draw under Windows XP + Window Blinds
  • Changing inside folder with Auto arrange can cause explorer.exe crash
  • Auto refresh do not work inside My Computer Virtual Folder
  • Some minor bugs beta February 11 2002
What's new:
  • Support any size for small and large icons
  • "Auto arrange buttons" does not work correctly with separators
  • "Auto popup first level menu" sometimes does not work correctly.
  • Some minor bugs beta February 03 2002
What's new:
  • Turn On/Off the shadow of menus.
  • Support shadows under menus on Windows 2000 systems
  • Sorting take effect between separators/titles
  • The time of loading is reduced
  • Auto arrange buttons
  • Flat menus & menu items
  • Support Windows XP styles for menus
  • Allow to convert folder into button inside Virtual Folders
  • Crashes on selecting some skins on Windows 98/Me
  • Cannot drag between menus if the first button of toolbar is menu
  • Cannot change icon of menu inside virtual folder
  • The menu under double arrows (>> chevron) do not opens.
  • Hiding shadows under menus on Windows XP December 26 2001
What's new:
  • Remove file extension when drop file to True Launch Bar
  • Improved support 48x48 icons
  • Allow drop links with unicode chars in the name from Internet Explorer
  • Auto dock True Launch Bar to the left side of task bar
  • Improved support Windows XP themes and styles
  • Toolbar title now is the same as toolbar name in the Toolbars tab of Settings dialog.
  • Added hidden setting MaxMenuWidth. You can change this value in the setup.ini
  • Crashes on delete buttons
  • Incorrect using of Windows XP visual styles
  • True Launch Bar do not set correct actual size after changing icon size
  • Problems with dragging buttons between folders
  • Incorrect button sizes when Show Text option is turned on.
  • Some minor bug fixed RC3 December 09 2001
What's new:
  • New help file added
  • Optimized memory and resource use
  • Added hidden settings SmallBtnWithTextMaxWidthLargeBtnWithTextMaxWidthMaxTipWidth. You can change this values in the setup.ini
  • Memory leaks in the Virtual Folders
  • Hot keys do not work if more then one toolbar are opened
  • Invalid working with Internet Shortcuts
  • Problems with dragging buttons between toolbars
  • Some minor bug fixed RC2 November 28 2001
What's new:
  • Auto close menu on mouse out
  • Optimized memory and resource use
  • Added skin support for menu scrollers
  • Added transparency for separators
  • GDI resources leaks
  • Bad performance on folders with huge number of items
  • Incorrect size of plugging icon
  • Some minor bug fixed RC1 November 17 2001
  • Incorrect extracting of icons
  • The small black line on the bottom of item with gradient filling skin. RCA November 17 2001
  • Incorrect extracting of icons
  • The small black line on the bottom of item with gradient filling skin. RC1 November 16 2001
What's new:
  • Support of native Windows XP skins
  • Updated skin specification
  • Added skin for menu caption
  • Large icons in menus
  • Support 24x24 and 48x48 icons
  • Incompatibility with Window Blinds
  • Duplicating items with Background Folder Load option on.
  • Some minor bug fixed

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