System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
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Updates history

3.2 November 09 2004
What's new:
  • Hold down SHIFT+CTRL and right-click button to show default context menu
  • Added option "Show hidden files"
  • Add documents into "Windows My Recent Documents"
  • Added "margin of icons view menu" into metrics tab
  • Added "Show arrow" option into Appearance submenu to enable/disable arrow on button
  • Added "Default alignment" option into Toolbar tab
  • Added "Load on Startup" option in the context menu Appearance to load some virtual folders on startup
  • Added options "Max menu width/height", "Show menu caption", "Docking point" and "Menu align" into Customize Menu dialog
  • Some minor changes
  • Impossible to show hidden file inside user profile folder
  • Run and Expand buttons of separator are placed incorrectly
  • Impossible to setup auto-arrange icons via Customize Menu dialog
  • Incorrect button style in the menu with icons only and without menu arrows
  • The files locked by other processes can be hidden in Virtual Folders
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.1 September 14 2004
What's new:
  • Context help files converted into XML format to support UNICODE languages
  • Dynamic tips for plugins
  • The plugins Properties dialog now is not modal
  • Executed application lost focus if option "Auto close menu on mouse leave" is turned on
  • Menu can be closed incorrectly if "Auto close menu on mouse leave" is turned on
  • Tips text is bold
  • Context menu of submenu can close inexpertly
  • Tips can be shown over context menu
  • Context menu of plugins is not compatible with auto close feature
  • Startup time is very long
  • Impossible to show hidden files in the Virtual Folders. Now TLB uses system setting
  • Lost icons from shell32.dll
  • Explorer crash on deleting the last item from ">>" menu
  • Error on creating profiles
  • Impossible to create the setting profiles with unicode names
  • Virtual Folder is shown incorrectly after deleting some items.
  • Impossible drag URL from Maxthon
  • Edit box of ToDo List plugin can be hidden
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.0 July 05 2004
What's new:
  • Improved performance of fetching virtual folders
  • Changing icons of context menu items
  • Apply custom menu font for Icons With Text view
  • The second pressing of menu hotkey now close it
  • Return focus to previously active window after closing menu
  • Protecting separators and titles
  • New TLB Components Manager that replace Live Update
  • Added TLB Clear utility to delete all files created by TLB and reset True Launch Bar into default state
  • Tips lost on rename
  • Mouse can prevent keyboard navigation
  • Icons from shell32.dll can be empty
  • Help buttons does not work
  • Explorer crashes on deleting
  • Resource leaks in Customize Menu dialog
  • Size of toolbar can be incorrect
  • TLB show files on dismounted volumes
  • TLB crash after deleting workspace in Auto-sensing tab
  • Common processes for Auto-sensing work only after refresh
  • Incorrect tips position on multi monitor system
  • Tip do not appear if move mouse out off toolbar
  • Lost icon on rename in Virtual Folders
  • Impossible to install skins for plugins in Windows 98
  • Improved mouse wheel handling
  • Icons disappears after moving buttons
  • Refreshing menu does not work correctly
  • Install Skins can crash explorer
  • Some minor bug fixed RC3 April 12 2004
  • Color is not saved when move titles
  • Actual and min size can be incorrect
  • TLB does not save Enable/Disable tips option
  • The height of multi column menus can be not the best
  • Resource leaks on context menu
  • Some minor bug fixed RC3 March 15 2004
What's new:
  • Improved "auto popup first level menus" options
  • "Hide toolbar title" option now is non-global
  • Creating Virtual Folders inside other Virtual Folders using context menu and drag&drop
  • Tool tip ON/OFF per item
  • Custom submenu open delay time
  • Max menu width does not woks at all
  • Icons substitutes for shell32.dll works incorrectly if new file does not exists
  • Dragging titles removes the text of title
  • TLB can crash on file deleting
  • Mouse click discards if you click tool tip
  • "Set Image" option is not available for Virtual Folders
  • Incorrect theme for >> button on vertical toolbar
  • Tool tip on System Monitor is too wide (Windows 98)
  • Folders with extension show incorrectly
  • "Manage toolbar" menu item does not open Toolbars tab
  • Resource leaks when using shadows under menu on Windows 2000
  • Incorrect minimum and the best size of vertical toolbar
  • The best size of horizontal toolbar with some rows is incorrect
  • Some minor bug fixed RC2 February 04 2004
What's new:
  • Move some buttons to the right side of toolbar
  • Separator always in same column as first item in the group
  • Added keyboard accelerators
  • Open next menu using CTRL + left/right arrow
  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • Added context help into TLB Settings dialog box
  • Support 3 state PNG images as button background
  • Intersect the WIN key together with StartKiller
  • Expanding shortcuts to folder into menu
  • Deleting/moving separator hides all buttons of group
  • Caption text is shown incorrectly on the top
  • Resource leaks in Select Icon dialog box
  • If scroll menu to down it can become invisible
  • Problems with Apply Settings to sub folders
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Problems with tool tips
  • Hiding filter doesn't works
  • Explorer crash on shell menu when tips are disabled
  • Some minor bug fixed beta January 14 2004
What's new:
  • Close menu using right arrow
  • Changing icon for "Show Desktop" button and similar buttons
  • Edit Description dialog now resizable
  • Many improvements of Select Icon dialog box
  • Added "Reset Icon" menu item to reset icon into default
  • Support of PNG images as icons
  • Support of folders as icons library
  • Save overlays images and icons inside toolbar for easy backup/restore and distributing ready toolbars
  • Changed backup file format to fix many problems. Please make new backups of toolbars.
  • Some minor changes
  • Tips text color is always black
  • Tab order in some of dialog boxes
  • Changing hotkey does not working before refresh
  • It is possible to drop into My Computer Virtual Folder
  • Deleting from the Rest menu (>>) can crash explorer
  • Tooltips shows incorrectly on the second monitor
  • Explorer crash when drop submenu on itself
  • No spaces after </b> in tooltips
  • Impossible to apply overlay alignment options to child
  • Impossible to change "Recent" menu size
  • Incorrect menu caption when caption on top
  • Some minor bug fixed beta December 18 2003
What's new:
  • Changing description for menus
  • Lost the changes of any plugin properties after refresh or restart
  • Overlay images transparency reset into 0
  • Some minor bug fixed beta December 15 2003
What's new:
  • Support HTML like color values for <ct> and <cb> tags in tips
  • Resource leak while show tips
  • Tips are empty if text in Japanese, Chinese or other unicode language
  • Custom colors works incorrectly on Windows XP
  • All new created menus uses incorrect view mode
  • Text color can be incorrect in menus on Windows XP
  • Some minor bug fixed beta December 08 2003
What's new:
  • Installing TLB skins and plugin skins from zip files
  • Enhanced tips with icons and some HTML tags support
  • Transparency of tips in Windows XP
  • Changing time of opening and closing of tips
  • Improved integration with Windows XP visual styles
  • Options for overlays images: alignment, stretch
  • Improved hot keys handling
  • Impossible to unlock buttons in some cases
  • Impossible to run My Computer from desktop virtual folder
  • Sometimes nag screen appears in registered version
  • some minor fixes

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