System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Updates history

3.2.9 beta September 12 2005
What's new:
  • "Tear Off Menu" feature
  • SHIFT+Left/Right arrow to select menu item from othe column
  • Some minor changes
  • TLB don't save text color for buttons
  • Filters don't works correctly
  • "Overwrite sub-menu options" works incorrectly
  • Optimal size of toolbar is incorrect when plugins installed on toolbar
  • Menu shadow don't supported on Windows Vista
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • 64-bit edition: Incompatible with WindowBlinds
3.2.8 beta August 20 2005
What's new:
  • Run All command for menus
  • Settings preview window
  • Changing the separators color
  • Drag&Drop for plugins
  • Added Install Skin Wizard
  • Added Fonts tab into TLB Settings dialog
  • New Registration Keys
  • Some minor changes
  • Shortcuts ordering bug
  • Bug with "Move to right/bottom" option
  • Some minor bugs fixed
3.2.7 beta June 14 2005
What's new:
  • Option to install license key for current account only
  • Added right-aligned text into button properties
  • Added "Apply to Folders" option into "Arrange Icons by" submenu
  • Runs count for shortcuts
  • Backup/restore now uses wizard and improved error reporting
  • Change the text of buttons and menu items without renaming
  • Added separate options for submenus in "Customize Menu" dialog box
  • Arrange icons by runs count
  • Arrange icons by last run time
  • Option to add hotkey name to the right of menu item text
  • Support JPEG, GIF, BMP formats for overlay images
  • Some minor changes
  • Root drives duplication after re-mount
  • Fixed resources leaks in Programs virtual folder
  • Some buttons lost hotkeys
  • Duplicating button when drag&drop from the Rest Buttons menu (under >>)
  • Some minor bugs fixed
3.2.6 beta May 08 2005
What's new:
  • PAGE UP/DOWN keys handling
  • TLB become unregistered after restart
  • Explorer crash or hangs on Windows startup
  • Explorer crash after entering license key
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.2.5 beta May 04 2005
What's new:
  • Redesigned TLB Settings dialog box
  • Improved custom colors. Now you can overwrite any skin with your colors
  • Added titles color option
  • Added menu highlight color gradient
  • Added horizontal gradient for menu caption
  • Added toolbar backgroud gradient option
  • New options for description and tips caption: Hide, show, show default
  • Added custom tips/menu caption.
  • Added "Sizing step" option in the toolbar tab
  • Added titles alignment option
  • Added "Open submenu in explorer on mouse click" option
  • Added "Open submenu in explorer on ENTER " option
  • Added "Popup submenu on mouse hover" option
  • TLB become unregistered after restart
  • TLB don't show description saved with shortcut
  • Memory leaks on delete buttons
  • Duplicating Control Panel items under Windows 98
  • The default alignment does not works for horizontal toolbars
  • TLB don't save the menu options
  • Explorer crash or hangs on drag&drop
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.2.4 beta March 17 2005
What's new:
  • Added wizard to create/edit auto-sensing workspaces
  • Added wizard to create menus
  • Improved performans for arrange icons
  • Auto-sensing uing hotkey
  • Auto-arrange by name new virtual folders
  • Save button settings for removable drives
  • Reduced size of tlbdata.xml files
  • New short registration keys
  • TLB don't change icon of Recycle Bin if non standard icon used
  • Memory leaks on delete buttons
  • Separators can be invisible on toolbar
  • The width of menu with different icon sizes can be incorrect
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.2.3 beta February 22 2005
  • Explorer crash on Drag&Drop
  • Removed USB flash-drive stay in My Computer Virtual Folder
  • Arrange Icons by Type works incorrectly
  • Button lost properties after Drag&Drop
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.2.2 beta January 23 2005
What's new:
  • Changing default run command
  • Each button can have own icon size
  • Each button can have own text properties (bold, italic, alignment)
  • Improved accelerator
  • Improved auto-collapse feature for separator
  • Some minor changes
  • Impossible to order icons by file type
  • Incompatibility with Logitech QuickCam software
  • Superfluous files in the User and All Users profile folders
  • Problems with icons from ICL files
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.2 November 09 2004
What's new:
  • Hold down SHIFT+CTRL and right-click button to show default context menu
  • Added option "Show hidden files"
  • Add documents into "Windows My Recent Documents"
  • Added "margin of icons view menu" into metrics tab
  • Added "Show arrow" option into Appearance submenu to enable/disable arrow on button
  • Added "Default alignment" option into Toolbar tab
  • Added "Load on Startup" option in the context menu Appearance to load some virtual folders on startup
  • Added options "Max menu width/height", "Show menu caption", "Docking point" and "Menu align" into Customize Menu dialog
  • Some minor changes
  • Impossible to show hidden file inside user profile folder
  • Run and Expand buttons of separator are placed incorrectly
  • Impossible to setup auto-arrange icons via Customize Menu dialog
  • Incorrect button style in the menu with icons only and without menu arrows
  • The files locked by other processes can be hidden in Virtual Folders
  • Some minor bug fixed
3.1 September 14 2004
What's new:
  • Context help files converted into XML format to support UNICODE languages
  • Dynamic tips for plugins
  • The plugins Properties dialog now is not modal
  • Executed application lost focus if option "Auto close menu on mouse leave" is turned on
  • Menu can be closed incorrectly if "Auto close menu on mouse leave" is turned on
  • Tips text is bold
  • Context menu of submenu can close inexpertly
  • Tips can be shown over context menu
  • Context menu of plugins is not compatible with auto close feature
  • Startup time is very long
  • Impossible to show hidden files in the Virtual Folders. Now TLB uses system setting
  • Lost icons from shell32.dll
  • Explorer crash on deleting the last item from ">>" menu
  • Error on creating profiles
  • Impossible to create the setting profiles with unicode names
  • Virtual Folder is shown incorrectly after deleting some items.
  • Impossible drag URL from Maxthon
  • Edit box of ToDo List plugin can be hidden
  • Some minor bug fixed

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