System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
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Updates history beta November 10 2003
  • Fixed drag&drop from Avant Browser
  • Memory leaks
  • "Find Target" does not works if file name contain comma
  • Incompatibility with Internet Explorer 5.0 (separator, icons, positions etc. reset into default after refresh)
  • some minor fixes beta October 30 2003
What's new:
  • Support drag&drop from Avant Browser
  • Templates for context menu
  • Backup/restore toolbar
  • Impossible to make 2 row toolbar on Window XP
  • Changing icons after settings of icons size is changed
  • Autoclose works under Command Line plugin
  • Auto-arrange on toolbar can cause explorer crashes
  • Possible lost toolbar/menu layout
  • Impossible to change icon for Virtual Folders
  • Menu background color for "Icons only" and "Icons with Text" layouts
  • some minor fixes beta August 14 2003
What's new:
  • Hot keys manager into TLB Settings dialog
  • Support of autohide for plugins (PSDK)
  • Support of child windows for plugins (PSDK)
  • Correct icon chaging for Recycle Bin and similar shortcuts
  • Changed keyboard handle to meet the Windows standards
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Improved handle of Virtual Folders like printers
  • Changed big plugins buttons alignment to center
  • Some minor bug fixed beta July 07 2003
  • Resource leak
  • Network connection do not restored when running shortcuts to network resources
  • Sometimes "Run as..." does not works on Windows 2000
  • True Launch Bar cannot be translated
  • Some minor fixes beta June 27 2003
What's new:
  • Some minor enhancements
  • Incorrectly converted layout data can cause explorer crash
  • Possible crashes on multi-column menus
  • Some resource leak
  • Links on About tab can be inaccessible
  • Auto-collapse feature works for separators without expand/collapse mark
  • Menu is inaccessible if all items are hidden beta June 23 2003
What's new:
  • WIN key support for hot keys
  • Overlay image for toolbar
  • Open previous menu after operations like Rename, Delete, Change Icon etc.
  • All layout data and menu options now saved using XML format
  • 'Real' Multi columns layout for menus
  • Hot key for separators to activate Run All
  • Dropping shortcuts into collapsed group now expand group
  • Disable/Enable icons in the context menu
  • Changing the color of toolbar
  • Changing font of menu items
  • Added "Show all hidden" menu item to show all hidden items at once
  • "Open in explorer" menu item to find selected file in explorer
  • "Find target" menu item to to open target file of the selected shortcut
  • "Collapse after run" for separator is replaced by "Auto collapse". Now group is collapsed after closing menu too
  • New look of TLB Settings dialog box
  • Many minor visual enhancement
  • The same files from User Profile and from All Users can be duplicated
  • Items for new menu does not sorted
  • Impossible to create plugin button inside Virtual Folders
  • Some minor bug fixes beta February 17 2003
What's new:
  • Support overlay images on menus
  • Import/Export related menu
  • Multi column layout for text menu
  • Option to disable to move toolbar by free space (Lock Toolbar)
  • Shell menu can be placed into submenu
  • Auto-sensing toolbar
  • Improved Appearance menu
  • Some minor changes
  • The rest button can be deleted with lost of all its button until refresh
  • Drag&Drop bug in Window NT4
  • True Launch Bar settings dialog always on top
  • Some minor bugs
2.2 December 09 2002
What's new:
  • Added filtering of Virtual Folders
  • Added Windows XP-style icons support on Windows 2000/9x/Me/NT4
  • Improved handling of the Rest menu
  • Some minor improvements
  • Crashes while moving files from/to Rest menu (under >>)
  • Duplicating item while moving files to Rest menu
  • Some memory leaks
  • Shadow can stay on desktop after Drag&Drop (Windows 2000)
  • Impossible to open menu after Drag&Drop
2.0 November 04 2002
What's new:
  • Added support of software that changes shell icons (like Icon Packager)
  • Cannot select icon of nonstandard size in the Windows 9x/Me
  • Change description does not works
  • Show hidden button on toolbar can hang explorer
  • Toolbar does not redraws when last plugin button changes its size
  • When rename file changing only letters caps, changes appears only after refreshing
  • Some minor bugs
1.2.9 RC3 October 12 2002
  • Duplicating items in the Rest menu on toolbar
  • Arrange by date works incorrectly
  • Behavior of sorting now more closely to the explorer's standards

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