System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows 8/10/11 64-bit
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Updates history

4.1.4 RC February 13 2007
  • Impossible to open sub menus
  • Running as Administrator via context menu on the Vista works incorrectly
4.1.3 RC February 12 2007
What's new:
  • Accelerators in the context menu
  • Auto close for Tear Off menus
  • Text label can be at the right side for the large icons on the toolbar
  • tlbHost: Menu hotkeys working incorrectly when toolbar is in the autohide mode
  • Impossible to install skins on the Windows Vista
  • UAC applications runs as minimized on Vista
  • Limited menu height on vertical toolbars
  • Impossible to set the transparency for overlay images
4.1.2 beta December 16 2006
What's new:
  • Popup menu at cursor position
  • Create Shortcut is not working on the Windows Vista
  • My Computer virtual folder don't show all items
  • Process Viewer plugin don't show the duplicated items
  • Menu can overflow the menu button
  • Reset Icon don't work for the submenus
4.1.1 beta December 01 2006
What's new:
  • Improved Windows Vista support
4.1 September 26 2006
What's new:
  • Added grayscale into the color picker
  • Run accelerators without Alt
  • Added CTRL+DEL to hide buttons
  • Now you can use DEL key to delete buttons
  • Press ALT to close all opened menus
  • Improved drag&drop of separators
  • Added support for extra context menu items when hold down the SHIFT key
  • Some minor improvements
  • "Check for updates" button not working in the unregistered version
  • Impossible to drag separators for some conditions
  • Impossible to add titles on the vertical toolbar
  • Disable "Delete" for icons library items that impossible to delete
  • Icons library don't work under nonadmin
  • Hotkey lost after moving button
  • Sometimes TLB don't load all icons after restart
  • Invalid separators after restart (for vertical toolbars)
  • Explorer crash on dock floating toolbar
  • Toolbar don't redraw after restore
  • Explorer hang on hotkey clear
  • Non-permanent filters are not working
  • Incorrect chevrone position calculation when hidden buttons exist
  • Settings password resets on open TLB Settings
  • Settings password resets on open TLB Settings
  • Auto-hide toolbar hides when menu is opened
  • The help tips stay on screen after dialog boxes closed
  • The default folder is incorrect for programs that run from virtual folders
4.0 June 27 2006
What's new:
  • Some minor changes
3.2.15 RC3 June 05 2006
What's new:
  • Menu hotkey toggle Tear Off menu's on/off like regular menus
  • Drag&Drop support for plugins
  • Explorer crash on menu close (64-bit edition)
  • Imposible to turn off "Tear Off Menu"
  • Long time to load My Computer
  • Some minor bugs
3.2.14 RC2 May 08 2006
What's new:
  • Added complete help fil.
  • Some minor changes
  • Impossible to change the buttons text in My Computer virtual folder
  • Customize Menu dialog crash explorer sometimes
  • Toolbar transparency is not saved after reastart
  • Explorer crash when show tip with '<' sign
  • Some memory leaks
  • Some minor bugs
3.2.13 RC1 March 02 2006
What's new:
  • "Always show as file" option to prevent expand some file like ZIP and CAB into menu.
  • Support jpeg and BMP for toolbat overlay image
  • Rename "Text Menu" into "Default"
  • Added the option to save icon with toolbar by default
  • "Save with toolbar" option for toolbar overlay
  • Custom colors for toolbar buttons and text
  • Cut off text in Icons With Text view mode
  • Access to the floppy disk on every "My Computer" VF open
  • Taskbar with auto-hide is hides when menu opened (Window 2000/9x)
  • TLB don't save the plugins submenu settings
  • Bug in "Move to the right" option
  • Some plugins crash explorer on restart windows
  • TLB don't return focus on close menus by WIN key of hotkey
  • explorer crash on refresh if one of the Tear Off menu is opened
  • Recycle Bin icon is not changed after empty
  • Some minor bugs
3.2.12 beta December 09 2005
  • Incompatibly with Window 98
  • Icons flashing and hight CPU usage
  • Some minor bugs

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