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True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Updates history

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6.0 June 19 2012
What's new:
  • Added "show/hide caption" caption button.
  • Added separate option "Show menu caption" for torn off menus.
  • Added hotspot near/far margins.
  • Show/hide menu caption via context menu.
  • Incorrect menu position on vertical toolbars.
  • Toolbar size is calculated incorrectly.
  • Toolbar width is too large for newly created toolbars on the taskbar.
  • Incorrect menu items height in the preview window.
  • Incorrect slide effect for menus with 3 columns.
  • Right-arrow key is not working on the toolbar.
  • Auto-load option is not working for menus more then first level.
  • Torn Off menus are always on top on first open, even the "Always On Top" option is turned off.
  • Icon Sizes are not saved.
5.6.3 beta January 17 2012
What's new:
  • Word wrap option for menu items
  • ALT + left button click now opens the plugin properties or customize item dialog box
  • Added icon location into the Customize menu dialog box
  • Fill the arrange by list with correct items for plugin submenus in the Customize SubMenus dialog box.
  • Added the option "TLB Settings->Options->General->Combine user's and common items" (on by default). If this option is turned on then the virtual folders with Start menu content shows shortcuts and menus from both common and user's folders.
  • Activate the first toolbar button on get keyboard focus
  • Some minor user interface changes
  • TLB doesn't show the ampersand symbol in the menu captions
  • Crash on toolbar switching when auto-sensing is active
  • Incorrect separators render in the Icons View mode
  • Incorrect menu layout with Icon View items
  • Impossible to arrange the plugins menus via the Customize (sub)menus dialog box
  • Standalone TLB stay in auto-run after closing all toolbars
  • Incorrect separator size if selected any skin and used the toolbar colors
  • Some memmory leaks fixed
5.6.2 beta August 23 2011
What's new:
  • Expand/Collapse all separators via context menu or with CTRL + Num+ / CTRL + Num-
  • Added option "Show arrow on submenus (icon view mode)" 
  • Apply sorting to the separators
  • "Appearance -> Show arrow" now working for icon view menu items
5.6.1 beta August 05 2011
What's new:
  • Column break for separators
  • Combine the default menu items with "icon view" style items
  • Options to control the size of the "icon view" style menu items
  • Added the option to change horizontal margins of the menu items
  • Minor changes into the skins system
  • Pin tear-off menu option is not saved
5.6 July 12 2011
  • Fixed the crash on some x64 systems
5.5 July 10 2011
What's new:
  • Added the arrange menu option "Folders at bottom" to move the folders after the files
  • Own fonts settings for the menu (Customize menu)
  • Option to pin tear off menus
  • Set "Load On Startup" option after setting hotkeys in the virtual folders, to be sure the hotkeys are working after restart
  • Set "Load On Startup" option for parent menus recursively
  • Toggle tear-off menus on button click if menu is in the "always on top" mode
  • "Standard position" for the tear-off menus, to show tear-off menus in the same position as an standard menu
  • Improved performance
  • Most dialog boxes are non-modal now
  • Cut off the items label if the font is larger then icon
  • Incorrect shadow position for menus with the simple transparency
  • Incorrect sort items in the rest items menu (>>)
  • Incorrect menu items layout if menu contain the icons only items
  • Fixed menu position for high taskbars
  • Fixed some resource leaks
  • Some minor fixes
5.4 April 19 2011
What's new:
  • Localization for the default context menu templates
  • Quick reset menu colors
  • tlbHost: the gripper at the left side of the toolbar is removed when toolbar is locked
  • Experimental: own skins/colors for the menus (via Customize Menu)
  • Impossible to drop the exe files into the Recycle Bin shortcut
  • TLB can hang on unplugging flash drive if the menu with this drive is opened
  • Sometimes impossible to navigate with the keyboard when mouse is on the menu
  • Menu can overlay the toolbar with some skins
  • Standalone TLB toolbars with auto-hide option stay visible on startup
  • TLB Ignore the custom fonts when used the custom Windows 7 visual styles
5.3 February 25 2011
What's new:
  • Added tips for menu caption buttons
  • Some minor changes
  • Tool tips are incorrect for separators with "Run all" button only
  • Incorrect separators text font in some conditions
  • Components Manager, Skins Installer and New Toolbar windows are always in English
  • TLB hangs on selecting Restore in TLB Settings when Windows List plugin is on the toolbar
  • No localization for New Toolbar dialog box
  • Impossible to create the virtual folder to the network location inside other virtual folder
  • The width of the "rest buttons" button is hardcoded into 15 pix. Now it depends of content margins values
  • Sorting items problem in Clipboard Manager
5.2 January 07 2011
What's new:
  • Improved icons resizing quality
  • Added the separators margins options for menu and toolbar
  • Natural order of the items with the numbers
  • Standalone TLB: toolbar color and overlay image become transparent with the toolbar option
  • Fixed incorrect dialog boxes position when the taskbar in auto-hide mode
  • Restore from the backup don't read new options correctly and require refresh of the toolbar
  • Submenus stay opened if click the menu caption
  • Standalone TLB can change the sizes on switching between monitors
  • Some minor bugs fixed
5.1 December 07 2010
What's new:
  • Tear Off menu by dragging caption can be turned off
  • Improved skins rendering performance
  • Added the "Torn Paper" skin (can be used with simple menu transparency)
  • Impossible to open the first or the last submenus during drag&drop
  • Incorrect menu items right margin
  • Menu "jumps" when dragging caption to tear off menu
  • Separators are invisible when WindowBlinds is active
  • Possible hangs on menu open
  • Resource leaks on Windows XP
  • Incorrect icons after refresing toolbar/menu on Windows XP
  • Impossible to skin the caption buttons with two states
  • Some minor bugs fixed
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