System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Updates history

5.0 October 11 2010
What's new:
  • Scroll menu during drag&drop
  • Improved support for systems with large fonts
  • Some visual enhancements
  • Delayed menus not working when the buttons are locked
  • TLB hangs can hang on right-click on some systems
  • Incorrect separator size
  • Some minor bugs fixed
4.4.13 RC5 August 09 2010
What's new:
  • Color schemes for menu
  • Improved performance
  • Icons disappear after in-place renaming
  • Some minor bug fixed
4.4.12 RC4 August 01 2010
What's new:
  • Improved text on the menus with simple transparency (Windows XP)
  • Standalone True Launch Bar don't save the width/height correctly on the second monitor
  • Menu animation is not compatible with the simple transparency
  • Invalid text on the "Rest Items" menu (Windows XP)
  • Some minor bug fixed
4.4.11 RC3 July 08 2010
What's new:
  • Simple Transparency for menus for all Windows versions
  • In-place renaming
  • Redesigned TLB Settings dialog box
  • Apply toolbar background color or overlay image to the entire standalone TLB
  • Improved support of the old skins
  • Apply settings to the opened Tear Off menus
  • Restore don't delete the old files
  • The option "Apply Skin to Menu" not working correctly
  • Clear the downloaded files on TLB Components Manager startup
  • Tear Off menus jumps on drag&drop the items
  • Some incorrect painting on windows XP
  • The insertion mark is not removed completely during Drag&Drop
  • Preview in TLB Settings now works correctly
  • Click on parent menu caption button don't close submenu's
  • Some minor changes
4.4.10 RC2 May 26 2010
What's new:
  • Middle click to run the custom command or emulate the double click
  • Added the file name into the error message of the backup/restore wizards
  • The Standalone True Launch Bar saves the settings in the APPDATA folder
  • Some minor improvement of Standalone True Launch Bar
  • The created toolbars are not saved in TLB Settings->Toolbars
  • The New Toolbar dialog box shows incorrect path
  • TLB hangs on adding/moving something inside menu with arrows >>
  • Some minor changes
4.4.9 RC1 May 18 2010
What's new:
  • Combine text menu items with icons only items
  • Changed the searching way: search in the current folder then in sub folders
  • TLB saves the global options into the APPDATA folder
  • Remember the last selected folder in the Create Menu wizard
  • The improved menu size on searching
  • Crashes on menu open
  • Sometimes menu items "jump" on updating
  • Some minor changes
4.4.8 beta April 20 2010
What's new:
  • Added the center menu align and menu docking point
  • Apply menu align and menu docking point to submenu's
  • No the shell menu on the My Computer, Recycle Bin and some other folders
4.4.7 beta April 07 2010
What's new:
  • Minimum menu width/height in the Customize menu dialog box
  • Add the shortcuts to the Recent Items on double click of the menus
  • Add Expand Folder option for the top level virtual folders
  • Add the skinning for columns separators
  • Exclude the "User Pinned" system folder from the backup/restore
  • Hang after selecting the menu caption buttons
  • The separator colors are ignored when WindowBlinds is used
  • Incorrect menu size when the option "Flat menus" is turned off
  • White border around the Standalone TLB when WindowBlinds is used
  • Incorrect scrollbar handling
  • Incorrect text color on Windows XP
  • My Network Places shows the desktop content (XP)
  • The caption text overlap the caption buttons (XP)
  • Incorrect icon position of the plugins
  • TLB don't saves Expand Folder option for buttons
  • Some minor bugs fixed
4.4.6 beta February 07 2010
  • Explorer hungs and crashes for some conditions
4.4.4 beta February 06 2010
What's new:
  • Added the options for minimum menu width and height
  • 13 buttons can be added on the menu caption to perform some operation with menu or to open the context menus
  • Improved skins format
  • Improved performance with the skin
  • Some minor improvements
  • Arrows now changes on the pressing the toolbar button
  • Cut the text of the buttons on some conditions
  • Crash on clicking the scroll bar when tooltips are disabled
  • The last columns of the lists are zero sized by default
  • The layout lost on renaming the subfolders inside the virtual folders
  • The bottom position of the scroll bar
  • The "default columns" option is ignored

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