System requirement:
True Launch Bar can be installed on Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Updates history

4.4.6 beta February 07 2010
  • Explorer hungs and crashes for some conditions
4.4.4 beta February 06 2010
What's new:
  • Added the options for minimum menu width and height
  • 13 buttons can be added on the menu caption to perform some operation with menu or to open the context menus
  • Improved skins format
  • Improved performance with the skin
  • Some minor improvements
  • Arrows now changes on the pressing the toolbar button
  • Cut the text of the buttons on some conditions
  • Crash on clicking the scroll bar when tooltips are disabled
  • The last columns of the lists are zero sized by default
  • The layout lost on renaming the subfolders inside the virtual folders
  • The bottom position of the scroll bar
  • The "default columns" option is ignored
4.4.3 beta November 18 2009
  • Filters are not working
  • Menu captions text is invisible
  • Incorrect separator width
  • Menu items in the plugins can be cropped
4.4.2 beta November 01 2009
  • Crash on moving shortcuts into the virtual folder
  • Using button label as menu caption
  • Moving the virtual folder from the toolbar can move the source folder
4.4.1 beta October 25 2009
What's new:
  • Search Box support for virtual folder (press CTRL+F)
  • Optimized use of the icons to prevent GDI resources leak on Windows 7 systems
  • Keyboard accelerator for Tear Off (CTRL+T)
  • Toggle the toolbar by hot key, don't activate (Standalone TLB)
  • Turn off the button locking by pressing the SHIFT key
  • Changing the popup tips font
  • Tear Off menu by dragging by caption
  • Added the option to hide the keyboard shortcuts in the context menus
  • Improved images resizing
  • Open Toolbar Properties for new toolbars (Standalone TLB)
  • Disable view modes that plugin don't support
  • Some minor changes
  • Can't to open plugin menu when Lock Buttons is turned on
  • Double-click don't work on the toolbar button if the menu is closed
  • Crash on draw some icons
  • Overly images not working correctly with aero
  • Impossible to open menus on the second monitor if the menu in "Tear Off" mode
  • GDI Objects leaks on Refresh
  • Hotspot resets into 0 after restart (Standalone TLB)
4.4 March 21 2009
What's new:
  • Options to change the toolbar buttons font
  • Hotkey to activate the toolbar (set keyboard focus)
  • Option to open the menu on the toolbar by double-click (TLB Settings->Toolbar)
  • TLB Settings password is not saved the second time
  • Some memory leaks
  • The Rest buttons menu (menu with two arrows) can lost the separators and reorder the items
  • Tear Off menus stay opened on button delete
4.3 October 16 2008
What's new:
  • Submenus expands at same side as the parent menu
  • Delayed menus
  • Option to get the horizontal buttons on the vertical toolbar
  • High CPU usage on open the menu with two arrows
  • Refresh Virtual Folders of the unmounted volumes
  • The related links menu item on the empty space of menu
  • Incorrect positions of the buttons on the vertical toolbar
  • Changing the maximum width of the buttons with text take effect only after refresh.
  • No "Find Target" menu item on the shortcuts in the Virtual Folders
4.2.7 RC3 August 12 2008
What's new:
  • "Parse shortcuts" option in the Arrange menu to order the list of shortcuts by the target file type
  • Text overlap with the menu arrow
  • The buttons can become hidden when using the Spacer plugin
  • Incompatibility with Deskscapes
  • Toolbar transparency option can hide toolbar
  • Incorrect the buttons size on toolbar first open
  • Show desktop can hide the standalone TLB forever
4.2.6 RC2 July 03 2008
What's new:
  • View icons in subfolders
  • Improved TLB Components Manager.
  • Added possibility to write the plugins-separators
  • Some minor improvements
  • Fixed bug with the toolbar background color
  • Impossible to change the text color and font when WindowBlinds theme is active
  • Some options are not working in the TLB Settings dialog box
  • Fixed crash on tip show over the Weather Forecast plugin
  • Some typo in the texts
4.2.5 RC1 April 29 2008
  • Menus appears in left-top side of the screen
  • Impossible to add/remove the toolbars for switching
  • Crash on Change Icon
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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